Meaningful Funerals and Memorials

When someone we love dies, the world takes on a sudden new shape.

For a time we move in a foreign land, and everywhere there is the presence of absence, a hole in the shape of the one no longer among us.

As years pass, we begin to inhabit this new world more fully, learning to live in it as it is now, and to recognize the bittersweet truth that people do live on after death, in our hearts, and we are the caretakers of their legacy in our memory.

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“...and I think of each life as a flower, as common as a field daisy, and as singular..." 

-Mary Oliver, When Death Comes

As your funeral celebrant, I will honor this mystery, and give voice and shape in ceremony to your journey of love and grief.

The center of the celebrant funeral is the understanding that no two lives speak in exactly the same way, and so every life must be celebrated as a unique expression of this tremendous mystery, living through and in each one of us. I will paint a careful and insightful portrait of your loved one, selecting readings, poetry and music as appropriate, as requested, and always with your guidance and final approval.

I will also write the life biography or eulogy, and weave all elements together in a cohesive tribute to nourish all who gather to mourn and celebrate this exquisitely singular life.

I am here to listen.

All material for your memorial is gathered during a personal meeting, in a location that feels comfortable to you, such as your own home or in the home of your loved one.

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During this conversation, I take all the time you need and I listen with the intention of learning about your loved one’s character, spirit, and passions.  What made her laugh? What always brought tears to his eyes? What did she want to leave as her lasting legacy? What was his favorite way to spend an afternoon? How did she tell you that she loved you? What challenged him? What could always be counted on to make her mad? What did she always wish could be different?

From what I learn during our time together, I will create your ceremony. I will do research and coordinate with others about their participation, as necessary and indicated by you. The ceremony will be presented to you in advance of its performance to confirm its accuracy in every detail and assure that it reflects the essence of your loved one’s life. My hope is to craft a tribute that allows your loved one’s spirit to live among us once more, so that with intention you can begin the process of learning to live without their physical presence, and with their beloved memory ever nearby.

When my father passed in December 2015, my entire family was completely overwhelmed with grief. The thought of planning, organizing and directing a ceremony that would honor his legacy and celebrate his life made us all very anxious.

Rebecca was so warm, understanding and compassionate as she asked questions about my father's life and so eloquently drafted (and re-drafted until it was perfect) a celebration plan that exactly described his life and personality.

While we didn't know Rebecca for more than a few days before the celebration, she felt like part of our family after. She did an incredible job and we are so grateful for her service. We could not possibly recommend her more highly.

– Rob, Cait, and Sharon

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Let's remember together.

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